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The 411 on Eco Friendly Homes

Any talk about going green will include Eco Friendly Homes as an ingredient. This is due to the fact that everybody is concerned about the earth’s future. Pollution has been degrading the environment daily affecting natural resources.

This has led to a frantic need of formulating new ways to solve housing needs in a way that will not affect the environment in future. This calls for creativity while coming up with sustainable solutions. One of these solutions is to build Eco-friendly homes.


What are Eco Friendly homes?


eco friendly homesEco Friendly Homes are new healthier habitats for any family. They are by far more friendly and kind to the surroundings than ordinary homes. In fact, they offer a good indoor air circulation quality which is a major problem in numerous modern homes.  It is a well known fact that the air inside a house is easily polluted as compared to the air outside. 

Need for Improved Eco Friendly Homes

 According to environmental scholars, homes and apartments have of late evolved into air tight and energy efficient zones. This has led to the rise in humidity levels as a result of breathing and indoor cooking. Eventually, this encourages the growth of molds and mildew.


Other harmful chemicals from building materials, paints and household cleaners have also contributed greatly to this rise in moisture. These ingredients when combined lead to contamination of air indoors.  This contaminated air will stay trapped in the house as long as all the doors and windows are closed or there is poor ventilation.


This made many people to start looking for ways and means to improve their homes into Eco Friendly Homes. Well if you are one, then feel at home. First and for most, you have to equip yourself with an in indoor air quality test kit. You will need this to check on your indoor air quality.


The idea is to identify any contaminants in your indoor environment. By pinpointing the sources of these contaminants you are able to make a well informed decision on which building materials you will replace it with. To be on the safe side, Research online data bases for a detailed listings of preferable eco-friendly construction products.






Popular Products of Converting Houses into Eco Friendly Homes


Numerous health problems can be as a result of construction materials being dumped outside a home.  A good sample is pressure treated lumber. It contains chemicals that keep away pests that cause of skin infections and rushes in young kids. Cedar wood is another popular alternative that can stand the test of time without any health hazards.


Other popular products are florescent lamps.  These can be a good lighting alternative for traditional incandescent bulbs. They are capable of giving out more light and are by far more efficient. Electric water heaters consume a lot of energy and hence installing a solar heating system would be wise. Alternatively, you can opt for instant heating systems and shower units.


You can also save a lot by replacing ancient showerheads and toilets with modern versions that are capable of using smaller capacities of water and energy. This will put you at the front line in making Eco Friendly Homes a reality.


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